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our process

This is how we work

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither were our solutions, applications, or designs. Before end-users can use a product we’ve designed, we need to take a few steps.

about us

Meet the designers

We are a lucky bunch. We do what we love and what we are inclined to. Our work becomes play and as they say – creativity is at its best when one is playing.

Our basics

Role of UX Specialist
Role of Visual Designer
Role of UI Developer

Give us five!

Anna Drezner-Gajak – User Interface Developer
Anna Liszewska – User Experience Specialist
Katarzyna Osińska – User Experience Specialist
Jakub Mielczarek – User Experience Specialist
Marta Kozłowska – User Experience Specialist
Marta Karbowska – Visual Designer
Rafał Szymczak – User Interface Developer
Tomasz Czyżkowski – Visual Designer
Wojciech Machniak – User Interface Developer
Dorota Nowoświecka – User Experience Specialist
Radosław Jankowski – Visual Designer
Łukasz Samiec – Visual Designer
Mateusz Raźniak – User Experience Specialist
Dorota Obiegło – Visual Designer
Małgorzata Ciesielska – User Experience Specialist
Kamila Węgrzyn – User Experience Specialist
Kosma Tomaszek – User Experience Specialist
Liudmyla Kądziołka – User Interface Developer
Łukasz Korzeniowski – User Interface Developer
Mateusz Gromulski – Visual Designer
Michał Rome – Visual Designer
Our skills

Matrix of our skills

Over the last six years our company has grown from 60 to 650 employees. Our group has been growing too. We managed to build a strong, interdisciplinary team with complementary skills.


Our work

We could describe our projects in many words. But we won’t. We believe that our works should speak for themselves. We encourage you to browse through our projects.

Benefits you get


We help our customers grow by creating exceptional products and services. Early engagement of design team has been proven to result in immediate benefits. Benefits, that will continue to flow over the years.


We communicate deeper understanding of client needs to the whole team.

Making decisions simple

We prioritise client needs to make sure the project develops in the right direction.

Unique solutions

Empathy adopted to users needs results in exceptional deliverables.

Increased user satisfaction

Users get a visually appealing product which meets their needs and provides great experience.

Experienced specialists

Cooperation with 22 specialists with min. 3 years’ experience in commercial projects.

Consistence in design

Branding and style guide we build, facilitate consistency in all created elements.

Testing with the users

Validation with people who will be using the product is critical.

Constant cooperation

Presence and support during all steps of design and development process.

Costs reduction

Good design means shorter training, improved productivity and less errors.

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